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The Pass It On Project is a collaborative, public art piece with the intention of inspiring positive communication in our everyday lives between strangers, friends, and family. The Pass It On Project functions by placing a variety of scrolls in the public sphere. Inside each scroll is a brief message of positivity such as; “You are loved.” or “Everything is going to be OK.”, along with instructions to share this message with someone important to you. Each scroll placement is documented and recorded on this website. If you find one of the scrolls, you are encouraged to post a comment about how you found the scroll and how you spread the message of positivity (Remember: If you don’t see your scroll, check back soon and you will).

The goal of the Pass It On Project is to better our lives and communities through collaboration and conversation. The project is intended to strengthen existing relationships and encourage new ones. Though the messages are simple, their content is powerful. The power of sharing positive ideas can lead to a variety of wonderful things. Sharing these messages serve as a catalyst to brighten someone’s day and having a good day can have a measurable impact on our lives.

The Pass It On Project operated from November of 2010 till September of 2011. Thank you to all the participants for your help. Without you this project wouldn’t have been possible.

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